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DemandAdvisor will create your account usually within 72 hours. A DemandAdvisor Representative will contact you to review your account and MicroSite before the program is launched.

Once your program is launched, we will set up re-occurring monthly account reviews. Any change request can be submitted through our Online Support Ticketing System 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. It normally takes just 24 hours to process any account request.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertising on search engines. While there are a variety of ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, text ads are the standard.

These ads are displayed on the search results page in an area labeled “Ads” on the right column and above the organic, or non-paid, search results. These type of ads are also called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC).

Here’s How It Works:

  • An account is set up with keywords that we want your ad to appear on when someone searches.
  • When a user conducts a search using that keyword, your ad appears for that keyword if you are a top bidder for that term.
  • When someone clicks on your ad, then they are redirected to your website and the account is charged based on the amount bid on that keyword.

The goal of SEM is to display an ad for specific search results that will result in a click to your website at a cost that is acceptable to you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of getting a website ranked high in the “organic” area for specific keywords. SEO requires significant web development, copious content generation focusing on 1-3 keywords and months of online promotional tactics in an attempt to get any traction at all.

The Verdict:

We are experts at both SEO and SEM and have conducted extensive training courses for organizations around the world, even on behalf of Google. There is a lot of discussion about what is more effective SEO or SEM and we believe that while having both an SEM and an SEO program are important, an SEM program is a usually a far better choice because an SEM program can be developed and deployed within a few days with predictable results, while SEO is more costly, takes many months to develop and deploy and has very uncertain results.

In addition, DentalAdvisor provides a specific Dental SEM program, called DSEM, that is tailor made for dentists in their local markets. We want your success, so the program is designed to bring you the fastest, most predictable results and give you an edge over other dentists in your area.

Please keep in mind that only charges a flat, low management fee and does not charge any commissions on media costs, which are directly billed to you from Google. This gives you complete freedom to control your media spending how you see fit. DentalAdvisor has no minimum budget requirement for the media spend and search engine charge advertisers only when people click on their ad.

While we have an entire glossary available to help you get to know SEM terms and abbreviations, here are a few of the most common terms you’ll see:

The keywords you choose are the terms or phrases you want to “trigger” your ad to appear. For example, if you deliver fresh flowers, you can use “fresh flower delivery” as a keyword in your campaign. When a Google user enters “fresh flower delivery” in a Google search, your ad could appear next to the search results.

Campaign & ad group
SEM accounts are organized into campaigns and ad groups. You start with one campaign, which has its own daily budget and targeting preferences. As you expand your advertising, you add more campaigns or ad groups, which are sets of related ads, keywords, and placements within a campaign. For example, you might choose to create one campaign for each product or service that you want to advertise.

If a customer sees your ad and clicks on it to learn more or to do business with you, it’s recorded in your account as a click. Monitor your clicks to see how many people choose to enter your website from your ad.

Cost-per-click (CPC)
With cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You can have AdWords manage your CPC automatically, or you can choose a maximum CPC bid. Your CPC bid helps determine how often your ad can appear and its ranking on the page.

Impression (Impr.)
The number of impressions is the number of times an ad is displayed on Google or the Google Network. Monitor your impressions to see how much exposure your ad is getting.

Click Through Rate (CTR)
Click through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (impressions). A keyword’s CTR is a strong indicator of its relevance to the user and the overall success of the keyword. The more your keywords and ads relate to each other and to your business, the more likely a user is to click on your ad after searching on your keyword phrase.

Average Position
Average position is a statistic displayed in the “Avg. Pos.” column in your account. It refers to the position on a search results page where your ad appears for each of your keywords. “1” is the highest position on the first page of search results. There is no “bottom” position. An average position of “1.7” means your ad usually appears in positions 1 or 2. Average ad positions are not fixed; they may vary depending on various performance factors.

You can choose where on the Internet your ads will appear. Ads can appear on Google’s Search Network, Display Network, or both. The Search Network includes Google and other search sites. Ads can appear beside or above search results for keywords that you choose. The Display Network includes a collection of websites that have partnered with Google (display partners), YouTube, and specific Google properties that display AdWords ads.

Quality Score
Quality Score is a measure of how relevant your ad, keyword, or webpage is. Quality Scores help ensure that only the most relevant ads appear to users on search engine results.

A conversion occurs when a user completes an action on your site, such as buying something or requesting more information.

Our targeted ads will reach over 85% of the internet users near your location that search or read any content on the web that has a target keyword in it.

While, all ads will be in your local area only, the distribution will be wide to capture as much of your audience as possible. Ads from ad groups with keywords can appear on Google and the Google Network:

  • Google search results pages: Alongside or above the search results.
  • The Google Network: Search and Display Network websites. The Google Network is the largest advertising network available online, reaching over 86% of Internet users worldwide. You can be certain that your ads reach your target audience with Google AdWords.

The Search Network

Your ads may appear alongside or above search results as part of a results page as a user navigates through a site’s directory. They may also appear on other relevant search pages. Our global Search Network includes Google Maps, Google Product Search and Google Groups along with entities such as Virgin Media and

The Display Network partners

Our extensive Display Network includes these partners (among many others):

Dental SEM

Ads on the Display Network

Ads on Display Network sites are targeted to the content and URL of each page.

Dental SEM

Google’s Gmail service, which is part of the Display Network, also displays AdWords ads. Gmail ads are placed by Google computers using the same automated process that matches relevant AdWords ads to webpages and newsletters. If our automatic filters detect that the topic of the email is sensitive, no ads are shown. Here you can see how the ads relate to the discussion in the email:

Dental SEM

Ads with mobile device targeting

We will set up your campaign to target full-browser mobile devices such iPhones, T-Mobile G1s, and similar mobile devices.

Keyword-targeted ads are positioned on search and Display Network pages based on their Ad Rank. The ad with the highest Ad Rank appears in the first position, and so on down the page On Google, up to three ads are eligible to appear above the organic search results and the remaining ads appear to the side. Some search partners have a different page layout than Google.

Ads are ranked on a search result page based on the matched keyword’s maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid and Quality Score.

Ad Rank = CPC bid × Quality Score

The criteria determining Ad Rank differ slightly for Google Search Engine and the Google Network:

The Quality Score for Ad Rank on Google is determined by:

  • Historical performance: Each ad is tracked for performance, including historical click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword and the matched ad on the site. For Google, only historical performance on Google is considered. For search partners, performance on the specific search partner is used, along with how the ad performs across the search network.
  • The account history, which is measured by the CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account
  • The historical CTR of the display URLs in the ad group
  • The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group
  • The relevance of the keyword and the matched ad to the search query
  • Your account’s performance in the geographical region where the ad will be shown
  • Other relevance factors
The Quality Score for Google search partners is determined by:
  • The ad’s past performance on the site in question, as well as on similar sites
  • The relevance of the ads and keywords in the ad group to the site
  • The quality of the landing page
  • Other relevance factors
There are three levels to a Google AdWords account: account, campaign, and ad group. The diagram below shows the account structure and the settings that are applied at each level. In summary:
  • An account is associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information
  • At the campaign level, we set the daily budget, geographic target location and distribution preferences
  • At the ad group level, we set the creative ads, keywords, placements and bids (by ad group or for individual keywords)
DemandAdvisor Membership Agreement
Non Disclosure, Non Compete, Non-Disparagement/Defamation, Terms & Conditions

This Membership and Terms & Conditions of Service Agreement (“Agreement”) entered into on this day between DemandAdvisor and you (“Client”), hereinafter, called the “The Parties.”

Marketing Services

DemandAdvisor provides marketing and associated services. In connection there with, DemandAdvisor agrees to devote best efforts to the business of the Client during the term of this Agreement. As such, we submit information on Client’s behalf to partners for whom Client must agree to their terms and conditions. These providers may include, but are not limited to Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, ASK, AOL, Marchex, InfoUSA, 411 Directory Assistance,,,, Yelp, Acxiom, Localeze, TrueLocal,, CitySearch, MagicYellow, Dex,, iBegin, YellowBot, Insider Pages, MojoPages, Kudzu, YellowPabeCity, Merchant Circle, OnStar, Craig’s List, Kijiji, local online newspapers, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The terms and conditions of these providers all apply. DemandAdvisor will not share Client’s information with any business not directly involved in securing online advertising and marketing services on Client’s behalf.

Advertising Material

By registering for a service provided by DemandAdvisor, Client is agreeing that DemandAdvisor has the right to place information pertaining to Client’s personal or business information on any of the publisher and search provider’s websites, such as those listed above, and Client authorizes DemandAdvisor to develop content based on information or material provided by Client or Client’s designees. Client acknowledges that this information will may be populated in the DemandAdvisor Business Profile, including copy, form, size, text, graphics, names, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, logos, trade names, trademarks, service marks, endorsements, photographs or likenesses, and videos. Further, Client represents that the material and information Client provides to DemandAdvisor is truthful, not misleading, and that Client has the authority to represent this product and service information to DemandAdvisor. Additionally, if so contracted, Client authorizes DemandAdvisor to contact Client’s customers for the sole purpose of gaining endorsements and reviews of Client’s products and services for publication. Finally, Client authorize DemandAdvisor to utilize tracking phone numbers, and even record calls on Client’s behalf, for ‘customer service’ purposes, and upon automatic notification to all incoming callers on tracking phone numbers. Domains purchased on Client’s behalf will be released to Client 90-days after service has been terminated and all outstanding payments are made.

Account Ownership

DemandAdvisor will set up and maintain accounts for clients in order to provide services. All accounts established in order to provide services to our customers, including but not limited to Google Adwords, Gmail, Yahoo Search Marketing, Yelp, Facebook, GoDaddy, and MSN AdCenter, remain the possession and ownership of DemandAdvisor and are not and will not be transferred to the Client’s possession or ownership at anytime. Clients may be granted access to these accounts on the discretion of DemandAdvisor while they are customers of DemandAdvisor, but these access rights can be denied at anytime and will be denied when the Client is no longer a customer of DemandAdvisor.


Client agrees to pay DemandAdvisor setup and monthly fees for establishing and managing online advertising & marketing services as stated in the program the Client registers for and for the fee agreed to. DemandAdvisor may change the monthly fee charged for any reason, including in accordance with procedures established by our search providers and publishers, at any time. In certain cases, DemandAdvisor may establish payment plans in such a way that media charges, such as Google AdWords, are paid directly to the media company by the Client. It is understood that the terms of this agreement are not altered when these payment arrangements are made. DemandAdvisor programs are designed for a single location program with a media budget of $6,000 per year, but can be higher. However, DemandAdvisor does provide custom programs for multiple-practice groups and for budgets that are much higher.


Monthly payment in full is required at the beginning of the monthly billing cycle before any advertising/marketing will be executed. Marketing and advertising programs will be paused and late fees applied if payment has not been made by payment due date or if payment is later reversed, in the amount of $200 on each occurrence. In addition, 18% interest will be applied to all outstanding balances. If payment is lapsed by 30 days, then setup fees will be charged to reinitiate the account. For the Client’s convenience, DemandAdvisor provides recurring billing to prevent any additional charges or a lapse in services for the Client.


By registering for a service provided by DemandAdvisor, the Client is agreeing to a non-cancellable, 12-month contract term that will automatically convert into a month-to-month contract. Although, there is no fee for cancellation after the initial 12-month contract term has ended, a 30-day written cancellation notice is required and all outstanding balances must be paid in full before account is terminated. At no point will any fees, including, the monthly service fee, be prorated or any portion be refunded at any time or for any reason. All fees, including setup and monthly fees, are non-refundable and there is no reimbursement of any fees, including the monthly service fee, in whole or in part, regardless of what day in the monthly billing cycle the service is terminated.

Customer Support

Free email and online customer support is provided with every account to answer questions and make account change requested. Client agrees that telephone support will be charged at $50/hour. At the sole discretion of DemandAdvisor, this fee may be waived for Clients whose accounts are in good standing.

Representations and Warranties; License and Grant of Rights

Client represents and warrants that DemandAdvisor will have and will continue to have the absolute and unrestricted right to publish and use all information provided by Client for Client’s advertising programs, that the content or use of such information does not infringe on the rights of the Client or any third party, and that it complies with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.


Each party warrants that its respective performance of the terms of this agreement will not in any way constitute knowing, intentional infringement or violation of any copyright, trade secret, trade mark, patent, invention or any other nondisclosure rights of any third party. Client indemnifies and holds harmless DemandAdvisor against all costs (including attorney fees), damages and liabilities arising from negligent or intended acts on Client’s part constituting the violation of any copyright, trade secret, trademark, service mark, patent, invention, proprietary information or nondisclosure rights of any third party. To the full extent of the law, Client will pay any expenses or damages for DemandAdvisor resulting from claims made by third parties with regard to usage of material Client has provided, even after termination of our Agreement.

No Guarantees

Client acknowledges and agrees that DemandAdvisor makes no specific guarantee, commitment or warranty regarding performance of the account whatsoever, including performance of partners and publishers to which DemandAdvisor submits advertising on Client’s behalf, including placement of paid search advertising, local directories, social media and other services, or any specific results. DemandAdvisor does not warrant the number of calls, clicks, impressions, paid or organic rankings, website visits, or that paid search advertising will appear in response to any particular query. DemandAdvisor does not warrant that the performance will be error-free but will immediately act to correct errors once they have been identified.

Non Disclosure Agreement

DemandAdvisor has disclosed or may disclose information to the Client which has commercial and other value in DemandAdvisor’s business and is confidential or proprietary in nature (including, without limitation, trade secrets, patents, patent applications, copyrights, know-how, processes, ideas, inventions (whether patentable or not), formulas, computer programs, databases, technical drawings, designs, algorithms, technology, circuits, layouts, designs, interfaces, materials, schematics, names and expertise of employees and consultants, any other technical, business, financial, customer and product development plans, supplier information, forecasts, strategies and other confidential information), which to the extent previously, presently or subsequently disclosed to Client is hereinafter referred to as “Proprietary Information” of DemandAdvisor. The Client hereby agrees as follows: 1. Client agrees (a) to hold the Proprietary Information in strict confidence and to take all precautions to protect such Proprietary Information as Client employs with respect to its most confidential materials, but in no case shall the Client employ less than reasonable precautions, (b) not to disclose any such Proprietary Information or any information derived there from to any third person, (c) not to make any use whatsoever at any time of such Proprietary Information except for the sole limited business purposes of evaluating the Proprietary Information internally to determine whether to enter into the contemplated transaction or agreement with DemandAdvisor, and (d) not to copy or reverse engineer, or attempt to derive the composition or underlying information, structure or ideas of any such Proprietary Information. Any one given access to any such Proprietary Information must have a legitimate “need to know” and shall be similarly bound in writing. 2. Client acknowledges and agrees that, as between the parties, the Proprietary Information is and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of DemandAdvisor. Immediately upon (a) the decision by either party not to enter into the contemplated transaction or agreement, or (b) a request by DemandAdvisor at any time (which will be effective when actually received or three days after mailed to Client first class postage prepaid), Client will immediately cease all use of and return to DemandAdvisor all Proprietary Information and all documents or media containing any such Proprietary Information and any and all copies or extracts thereof. Client understands that nothing herein (i) requires the disclosure of any Proprietary Information of DemandAdvisor, which shall be disclosed, if at all, solely at the option of DemandAdvisor, or (ii) requires DemandAdvisor to negotiate or proceed with any contemplated transaction or agreement in connection with which Proprietary Information may be disclosed. 3. Except to the extent required by law, Client shall not disclose the existence or subject matter of the negotiations or business relationship contemplated by this Agreement or by the service, including but not limited to oral discussions and written information, regarding DemandAdvisor or services provided, unless specifically agreed to by DemandAdvisor in writing. 4. Client acknowledges and agrees that due to the unique nature of DemandAdvisor’s Proprietary Information, there can be no adequate remedy at law for any breach of Client’s obligations hereunder, that any such breach or any unauthorized use or release of any Proprietary Information will allow Client or third parties to unfairly compete with DemandAdvisor resulting in irreparable harm to DemandAdvisor, and therefore, that upon any such breach or any threat thereof, DemandAdvisor shall be entitled to appropriate equitable relief in addition to whatever remedies it might have at law and to be indemnified by Client from any loss or harm, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees, in connection with any breach or enforcement of Client’s obligations hereunder or the unauthorized use or release of any such Proprietary Information. Client will notify DemandAdvisor in writing immediately upon the occurrence of any such unauthorized release or other breach of which it is aware.

Non-Disparagement/Defamation Agreement

Client agrees now, and after contract termination, not to disparage or defame DemandAdvisor in any respect or to make any derogatory comments, whether written or oral, regarding DemandAdvisor or its current or former officers, directors, employees, representatives, attorneys, partners, agents, or contracting parties, or its business or operations.

Non Circumvention Agreement

Client acknowledges and agrees that due to the unique nature of DemandAdvisor’s Proprietary Information, that Client shall not, without the prior written consent of DemandAdvisor, which consent DemandAdvisor may withhold in its sole discretion, (a) utilize any Confidential Information to circumvent or compete with DemandAdvisor on the specific Business Opportunity, or (b) utilize information lawfully furnished or disclosed to Client by a non-party to this Agreement without any obligation of confidentiality and through no wrongful act of the Client Party, or information independently developed by Client relative to the Business Opportunity, to circumvent or compete with DemandAdvisor on the specific Business Opportunity.

Disclaimer of Warranties

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, DemandAdvisor and its suppliers disclaim all warranties not expressly set forth in this document, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with regard to DemandAdvisor services.

Limitation of Liability and Applicable Law

The maximum aggregate liability DemandAdvisor may have to Client will be limited to the total amount of fees collected from Client, minus all expenses, including labor, administrative, legal and other costs. DemandAdvisor will have no liability in connection with the functionality or content of any search provider, 3rd party, or internet publisher or website not owned by DemandAdvisor. To the full extent of the law, Client will pay any expenses or damages, including attorney fees, for DemandAdvisor resulting from claims made resulting from this agreement, even after termination of the Agreement.

Governing Law, Submission to Jurisdiction

Client agrees that this agreement shall be governed and construed by the laws of the State of California and the venue for any and all claims against this agreement will be San Luis Obispo County, California. Any claims against this agreement must be made within 30 days from the date of the subject of the claim, and must be made in writing to DemandAdvisor. Each of the parties waives, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection which he may now or hereafter have to the laying of the venue of any such proceeding brought in such a court and any claim that any such proceeding brought in such a court has been brought in an inconvenient forum. Each of the parties hereto irrevocably consents to service of process in the manner provided for notices. Nothing in this Agreement will affect the right of any party to this Agreement to serve process in any other manner permitted by law. Furthermore, Client agrees that should a claim arise from either party, DemandAdvisor will have the right, at its sole discretion, to select either a trial by jury or select binding arbitration for any and all resolutions. If DemandAdvisor selects a court trial to resolve a claim by either party, then Client agrees that the venue of any trial will be in San Luis Obispo, California. If DemandAdvisor selects arbitration for resolution of any claim by either party, then Client agrees that all claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the State of California, in or near San Luis Obispo County, using a member of JAMS selected by DemandAdvisor. The arbitration shall be conducted on a confidential basis pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any decision or award as a result of any such arbitration proceeding shall be in writing and shall provide an explanation for all conclusions of law and fact and shall include the assessment of costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Any such arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitrator experienced in business and contract law and shall include a written record of the arbitration hearing. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction

Force Majeure

Neither Client nor DemandAdvisor will be in breach of its obligations under this Agreement (other than obligation to pay monies due) in the event that, for cause(s) beyond reasonable control, each party is unable to perform, in whole or in part, any one or more of its obligations. Such causes will include, but not be limited to governmental regulation, fire or other causality, inability to obtain materials or services, technical failure or difficulties, problems or interruptions of the internet, or any other cause not within the reasonable control of either party.

Partial Invalidity

In case any one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision hereof, and this Agreement shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein, unless the deletion of the provision of provisions would result in such a material change as to cause completion of the transactions contemplated herein to be unreasonable.


DemandAdvisor may assign, delegate or subcontract any rights or obligations under this Agreement.


The person agreeing to this Agreement certifies that (s)he is lawfully authorized to purchase services on behalf of the Client.

Effective Upon Execution

These terms and conditions of service represents the parties’ entire agreement with regard to DemandAdvisor provisions, except the specific pricing and service details, which will be considered as legal and valid. Agreement with these terms and conditions is upon acceptance of the Agreement are binding on the date registration is completed by the Client or the Client provides oral acceptance of the contract and terms. By agreeing to DemandAdvisor services, Client irrevocably agrees to all terms and conditions of this agreement and agrees that at no point will Client contest this agreement or the terms and conditions provided herein. This agreement and the binding terms of this agreement will be valid for a minimum of seven (7) years or otherwise agreed to by DemandAdvisor in writing.

Yes. You do not need a website for the DSEM program because DemandAdvisor includes a customized MicroSite specifically for your advertising program.
Yes, there is no physical ability that constrains you from setting up your own SEM account. However, it is unlikely that it’s a good decision:
  • You Don’t Have the Time: If you’re like most dentists, even setting up a poorly designed and managed SEM account will take you a significant time and effort that you simply don’t have to spare. In addition, the day to day management of the account can be cumbersome and time consuming. Taking on a “second job” will take time away from your core business of dentistry, which is your expertise and where you can make the most money. In essence, it would be penny wise and pound foolish. Hire DentalAdvisor and maximize your overall ROI (Return On Investment). We want your success and we believe we can help you with a low-cost high-value partnership.
  • You Can’t Afford Mistakes: Amateurs make huge mistakes that may cost you time, thousands of dollars and may potentially damage your business online. And trying to fix the mistakes is usually worse then if you never had done anything at all. Save yourself the time, effort and money from mistakes, hire DentalAdvisor from the beginning!
  • You Don’t Have the Skills: Search Engine Marketing is rapidly changing, complex and competitive and it’s simply not worth doing unless it’s done with excellence. DentalAdvisor brings you dental online marketing expertise. Having developed SEM programs for some of the largest dental companies in the world, we have decades long experience in SEM and dentistry and consistently provide advanced online marketing training to our SEM experts. Having top talent that is constantly trained ensures that we implement the latest opportunities for you and minimize the changes that can negatively affect your success. We call this program the Advanced Real-Time Optimization System™ (ARTOS™) and as far as we know, we’re the only company in the world that offers this service. Hire DentalAdvisor and get the professional SEM management of the largest dental companies for a fraction of the price!
  • You Don’t Have the Competitive Advantage: DentalAdvisor has a host of proprietary and trade-secrets, along with long-standing industry relationships that give our customers a competitive advantage so they get more responses for less money. No other company can provide you with this advantage, except DentalAdvisor.
Although paid ads and search results are displayed on the same page, the two are independent. While the paid ads are called, SEM, the organic results ranking comes from SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is a completely different and independent program. Ideally, a website is ranked highly both in the paid area and in organic search results for the main target keywords.
After you subscribe for the appropriate DSEM account and set up reoccuring payment through PayPal, DemandAdvisor will begin developing your campains according to the information provided.

Although, we allow for 7-days, usually, we can get your campaign up and running in less than 72 hours! That’s record time!

The process is simple and easy:

  • You subscribe with complete and accurate information
  • You log-into the site, select the appropriate DSEM program and establish payment and reoccurring billing for the through PayPal. Please note that the “7-day Trial” is provides for enough time to complete the account setup before any other charges are billed to your account
  • DemandAdvisor develops your campaigns according to the information provided
  • DemandAdvisor will review the program and Microsite with you before launching the program
  • DemandAdvisor will setup ongoing monthly program review meetings to make sure the program is tracking as desired
  • You review the account and request any changes, using the online ticketing system, at your convenience
How Do I See How My Ad Appears on Google?

You can search in Google, but the best way of seeing your ad may be by using Google’s Ad Preview tool, which enables you to view your ads as they would appear on a regular Google search results page, without accruing extra impressions for your ad.

To perform a test search with the Ad Preview tool, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter a query.
  • Select the Google domain to search through, such as or
  • Select a display language.
  • Select a location from which you’d like to run the search. You can choose a location from the drop-down menus. You can use this feature to preview your ad as if you were in a different country.
  • Click Preview.


If your ad doesn’t show for a specific keyword, it’s usually because the bid for that keyword is too low, the quality score is too low, or the daily budget has been reached. If you believe that there is an error, please submit an Online Support Help Ticket to DentalAdvisor to make sure there is no error.

In order to see your campaign in Google:
  • Use a computer with the latest browser with JavaScript functionality enabled. Please check your browser information to determine which version you are using. We recommend FireFox and we discourage use Microsoft Internet Explorer because of reports of browser errors.
  • If you are using an upgraded browser but have trouble viewing all Google AdWords pages, you may need to edit your browser preferences to enable cookies and JavaScript.
  • If you are still having trouble, please contact the browser software company with technical support on their browser settings. DentalAdvisor does not provide IT support for either hardware or software.