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Review Monitoring & Management:

Total Solutions for Localized Internet Marketing for Dentists!

Get New Patients for Your Dental Practice

With over 33 million local reviews on Yelp alone, it’s clear that consumers are sharing their opinions online. Not only that, but they’re listening, too: 72% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal referrals. Whether it’s a review, a detailed article on someone’s blog, or an offhand comment on Twitter, customers are talking freely about businesses — and businesses should be listening.

Responding to Reviews to Build Customer Relationships

Monitoring online reviews and mentions is important, but businesses that actually respond to their customers can set themselves apart from the competition. Taking the time to reply to online reviews builds trust with consumers, which translates into higher loyalty and increased sales.

DemandAdvisor Solutions

Find a bad review? Businesses can respond with an apology, explanation or incentive to win the customer back.

See a positive review? Spread the word! Share it around multiple social networks with a click of the ‘Share’ button.

Salable Benefits

A study from Harvard University found that a 1 star improvement on a restaurant’s average Yelp score increased their revenue by 5-9%. Clearly, online reviews influence customer actions, and with DemandAdvisor, monitoring and responding to online chatter becomes quick and simple.

  • Find the reviews and comments that businesses don’t know exist
  • Improve customer service and public image with punctual responses
  • Take negative feedback as points for business improvement
  • Offer dissatisfied customers apologies and incentives to win them back
  • Publish positive reviews in marketing and social media to win new customers

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Main Feature List:

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