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Social Media success depends on being fresh and up to date. While there’s much discussion about how often is enough and too much, one thing is certain. A minimum of posting a weekly update to your Business Page is necessary to keep people interested. Of course, if you can do somewhat more and have interesting, relevant information to share, then somewhat more often is useful. And participating actively via your Profile is a fantastic way to network.

Being business people ourselves, we realize that carving more time out of your schedule for Social Media can be difficult. As a result, DemandAdvisor has pioneerd an affordable, professional and impactful weekly posting and management service for busy business owners and managers. Working with you to identify great sources of authoritative information, we do at least one post a week for you. Additionally, because Social media MUST be local in nature, we work with you to identify something unique to your company at least once a month. Whether a charity you support, an event you attend, an award you win or a particularly interesting or amusing local story, we ensure your Social Media is not just the “canned content” that so many are pushing these days.

How It Works?

  • We post on your behalf on your most active Social Networks
  • These polished updates look just like you’ve created them yourself, and are visible to your network of friends and followers.
  • Your friends will see your updates and email or message you with questions and comments. You’ll build your client relationships, and earn more commissions.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Stay top of mind to your Existing and Potential Clients!
  • Spend time meeting people while we take care of your online brand!
  • This service used to be very expensive, that’s no longer the case!
  • Add value to your current clients and become their Go-To specialist!

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