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Customer Service with Social Over 51% of Facebook users and 81% of Twitter users expect a response to an online complaint or question within one day. With that kind of time pressure, companies need a way to instantly hear about what their customers are saying to them and reply at the drop of a hat.

With Social Marketing, businesses are notified every time someone is trying to talk to them on social media. Whether they mention their username on Twitter, post a picture or status to their Facebook page, or check-in to a location on Foursquare, business owners will know about it the second it happens and be able to reply straight from the platform.

The influential power of social media is unmatched – and is one of the most effective ways for medical and dental practices to connect with current and prospective patients. Social media marketing can benefit your practice in numerous ways, such as:

Increased Brand Awareness – By integrating a cohesive design throughout your website and various social media outlets, you help patients better identify and associate with your practice.

Increased Rankings – Search engines respond favorably to those who maintain an active social media account. When your social media pages are linked to your website, you can help increase your rankings on search engine results pages.

Positive Reviews – 75% of medical and dental patients are influenced by reviews left on social media sites. By gathering positive reviews, your fans help prospective patients decide on you as their provider of choice.

Referral Source – As your “friends” and “followers” post the positive experiences they’ve had with you on their pages, they spread the word about your practice to their individual networks. This helps help drive more prospective patients to your social media pages and website, which ultimately brings more business to your practice.

Customized Social Media

Our tailored solution involves several key elements, including:

  • Facebook – Generates more weekly traffic in the U.S. than Google
  • Twitter – 66% of users say Twitter influences their purchasing decisions
  • WordPress – Blogging platform that runs 49% of all blogs (also SEO friendly)
  • YouTube – The second largest search engine in the world
When utilized correctly, social media can have a tremendous, positive impact on your practice. This is why we have formulated complete packages that effectively promote your professional services while allowing you to actively engage with your online audience.

Social Media Account Setup – It’s important to setup your business social networking accounts properly so you don’t violate the rules established by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites. All social networks have one thing in common – zero live support. Mistakes are not easily undone, and setting up a business account the wrong way could get your account terminated. Fortunately, DemandAdvisor can handle all of the setup for you (so you can focus on running your practice).

Build Your Brand: Designs to Match Your Website – We design your social media pages to match the branding of your website, which helps patients instantly identify and associate with your practice. By creating cohesion between your various online marketing strategies, you communicate a professional, unified image to your current and prospective patients.

Communication Strategies to Reach Your Online Audience – In order to be effective, it is important to actively post and update your social media pages. To help you achieve maximum success through social media, we provide instructions detailing how to navigate your accounts and make meaningful posts. We even help get you started by providing ideas on topics you can post about.

Social Media Buttons on Your Website – By integrating social media icons (image links) on your website, you can further expand your network and make it easy for current and prospective patients to directly access your social media pages.

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